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Project Description

Ag. Paraskevi Residence

Five apartments of each approx. 60 m2, with terraces of 30-50 m2, great view to the sea and beautiful pool. The apartments have each 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a livingroom with kitchen and a terrace or more with pergola, outdoor livingroom and kitchen with built-in sofas and kitchen areas.

The project is built on a plot of land ca. 8 km from Naxos Town and was delivered in June 2014.

The 5 properties has been built on a steep hill and therefor build on 3 levels (into the mountain) and not one on the top of the other.

Exterior and Interior style

Very similar to our project in Stelida, with 50 cm thick walls made by stone and then plastered with 3 layer of freehand white plastering, so as to obtain a “soft” building without strait lines and with rounded corners. The concept is to build new, comfortable and modern houses, using some of the old techniques such as the stonewalls and the “cimentogonia”, which is a very fine cement for floors, bathrooms and kitchens.

Project Details