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Project Description

The owner of “Kiara Artworks” brand is Chiara, an italian woman, who was born in Milan, Italy, and lived there until 2014, when her life has reached a significant change, year in which she has moved to Greece, in Naxos island.
The passion for artistic creations has followed her for several years now, starting with decorations realized with mosaic tiles moving to new painting techniques on canvas, using acrylic colors, chalk, stucco, sand, crackle, materic paste, stencils, glitters, aging effects etc., trying to impress on canvas modern designs, vintage and shabby chic style.

The inspiration comes out from the naturalist context that every day satisfies her sight, the changing nature, the colours, the perfumes, in short, the striking island where she lives: Naxos.
Endless colors, sizes and customized styles for your house, to give a touch of modern or retro atmosphere to your Cycladic habitat.


Kiara Artworks
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