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Project Description

Walking the central locations of Chora, from the coastal road of marina, a little street just behind the Church Pantanassa, (where the way begins to the old castle of Naxos), you can meet an interesting Art Gallery.
The owner comes from Hungary and she lives in Greece since 30 years ago.
Narcissus is her name, a very nice elegant woman that comes from architect family, but to be an artist & designer, it was her dream ever. She creates incredible art pieces using wood and traditional Cycladic doors & windows with her unique “Fresco” technique where connecting inside real marble stone compositions, and painting on this surface.
She uses also amazing sea glass mosaic technique for atmospheric lamps, mirrors, and art creations for the wall, with wood and stone hand-carvings …really unique…
She is a portrait specialist too, and she paints on canvas, wood, & “Fresco” surface with different techniques, sizes, and styles.
Art pieces & paintings by your order can be designed, created & personalized specially to harmonize perfectly with your inner spaces.

Narcissus Art
Chora Naxos
0030 6937410420


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