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Project Description

A ONE floor villa of 228 m2, on a plot of land o of 5.600 m2 on the hills of Plaka, with unobstructed wonderful view.

The villa has been positioned to obtain the best possibile sun exposion during winter and is built with 50-60 cm thick walls reaching the maximum level of insulation. The designed has been made specifically following the daily flow and living style of the client, who didn’t wanted a lot of bedrooms, but several rooms for “technical usage”, such as laundry, office, workshop and a very big walking closet.

The house has a 100 m2 central positioned living room with many windows towards the sea and features an internal garden, giving the room a very special atmosphere. The villa has a water based floor heating system, which can also cool the house during summer. Infront of the house, there has been built a huge terrace with outdoor shower, swimming pool (overflow), big outdoor kitchen and a very nice overbuilt pergola area for dining and relaxing on the in-built sofa.

Everything kept simple with a mix of white and light grey tones.


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