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October 2017

September has been a kind of a strange month for us, on one hand we are still in summer mode, so with clients that are looking at and in the process of buying a house and, on the other hand, it is the real STARTING of new projects.

This month we have been doing many type of works, starting beton scheletons, means the beginning of a new house and, at the same time, we have been renovating (face lifting) a very nice house in the Vigla area.

September 2017

Houses are built by PEOPLE and without all these guys that you see in THIS MONTHS PHOTO REPORTAGE, our clients wouldn’t get their “house on a Greek island DREAM” to come through.

We are every day thankful for their PROFESSIONALITY, HARD WORK AND SMILES!

July 2017

To build nice houses, it’s necessary to employ nice people. We are every month publishing a selection of NICE people building our houses, contributing with their skills, their hard work and their willingness to give THAT EXTRA part, which makes the whole difference.

Thanks to ALL our collaborators, we are able to deliver, ……. nice houses!

July a month of deliveries and beginning of our new project in Plaka Hills.