Decorate your home

Decorate your home

We build very nice houses and a WONDERFUL house needs to be dressed BEAUTIFULLY!
Here on Naxos there is a growing number of ateliers and shops which can help you in decorating your house. With this section dedicated to an artist, we want to give you some inputs of what might be exactly what you are looking for to decorate your GREEK HOME.

Wish you nice shopping !

Olga Plastira, through her sculptures, attempts to connect the remains of Cycladic culture to contemporary times, building up her personal version of Mythology. She creates her artworks carving on marble, ceramic and bronze and the result is amazing!


Olga Plastira

0030 698 0079170

0030 2285041646


TSEPI/POCKET GALLERY is specializes in Greek design and local artists. It offers ceramics from 8 of Greece's leading ceramic studios: KETI ANASTASAKIS, TREIS GRAMMES, VASILI HATZIMIHAILIDI, IOTA ALEXIOU, CHRISTINA MORALI, EPPALADIO, TRAKADAS and VLIORAS. Hand printed fabrics from Crete made into pareos, scarves, cushion covers, table mats, bags and wall hangings. Fashion accessories are by ALEXANDRA TSOUKALA, HARA PALIKARI, ELENI GALIATSATOU, MOLLA, BORD de L'EAU DESIGN FACTORY  and LOULA LEVENDI. Paper art by SEMIOX.  Paintings and sculptures in the collection are by 5 Naxos artists.

Our new shop opening in 2018 will offer an international collection of homewares and gifts including fabrics by KASKISH, baskets and decor by PURE YELLOW and perfumed candles from KEW GARDENS.


Pocket Gallery

Chora Naxos

0030 2285027106

Aegean Blue is a summer style shop right on the beach – step inside and be inspired – baskets and art, ceramics and candles, driftwood hangings, tables, chairs and rugs, trays and stools, throws and lots of pillows. Its a beachy vibe, classic white and blue – comfortable cool over fuss. We’ve got lots of ideas to help you enhance the natural beauty of your Cycladic home. We hope you enjoy your new island life and we look forward to seeing you on Plaka beach.


Aegean Blue

Plaka Beach Naxos
0030 2285 042178; 0030 694 7758180 

The owner of “Kiara Artworks” brand is Chiara, an Italian woman, who was born in Milan, Italy, and lived there until 2014, when her life has reached a significant change, year in which she has moved to Greece, in Naxos Island.
The passion for artistic creations has followed her for several years now, starting with decorations realized with mosaic tiles moving to new painting techniques on canvas, using acrylic colors, chalk, stucco, sand, crackle, stencils, glitters, aging effects etc., trying to impress on canvas modern designs, vintage and shabby chic style.

The inspiration comes out from the naturalist context that every day satisfies her sight, the changing nature, the colors, the perfumes, in short, the striking island where she lives: Naxos.
Endless colors, sizes and customized styles for your house, to give a touch of modern or retro atmosphere to your Cycladic habitat.


Kiara Artworks
0039 3383312610


Facebook: @kiarartworks
Instagram: kiaraartworks

Narcissus, a very nice elegant woman that comes from architect family, but to be an artist & designer, it was her dream ever. She creates incredible art pieces using wood and traditional Cycladic doors & windows with her unique “Fresco” technique where connecting inside real marble stone compositions, and painting on this surface. She comes from Hungary and she lives in Greece since 30 years ago.

She uses also amazing sea glass mosaic technique for atmospheric lamps, mirrors, and art creations for the wall, with wood and stone hand-carvings …really unique…
She is a portrait specialist too, and she paints on canvas, wood, & “Fresco” surface with different techniques, sizes, and styles.
Art pieces & paintings by your order can be designed, created & personalized specially to harmonize perfectly with your inner spaces.


0030 6937410420