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News October 2017

Under construction new 2 VILLAS.

Some days ago we have started to build 2 NEW PROJECTS … The first one is a villa 350 m2 that will be built on a 4.000 m2 plot in Orkos, very close to the beach with beautiful view and a big garden with pool. This villa is composed by a main house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a livingroom with open plan kitchen and a big “play/TV” room, laundry and storage completes the property. Connected to the big outdoors areas there is a Guest House, distributed on 2 floors, on which each there is a bedrooms with ensuite bathroom. This villa will be ready in 2019.
The second project is one villa of 200 m2, composed by main house with living room and kitchen on one level; a few steps down there are 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The outdoor area of the villa is very big with a nice pool, several sofa areas and a dining area with pergola. The property has also a nice Guest House which has a big bedroom, a living/bedroom and a bathroom. When the client bought the land, there was already a little house that will be renovated and turned into a second Guest House. This villa will be ready on spring 2019.
You dream it….we build it! Contact us for any kind of information.

News September 2017

We like to bet!

We would like to bet with you: can you help us to win? We have now more or less 400 followers on our Instagram page, but we would like to reach 1000 followers by 21 October. We need your help to reach this objective….will you help us? https://www.instagram.com/veronis_jakobsen/  We post a lot of amazing photos about our projects and our villas…and also about our fantastic island….so we think you will like to follow us.
What about our Facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/naxoshouses/    1543 are the followers in this moment…but we would like to reach more than 3000 people around the world….so please go to put your magic like to our page!
The summer season is almost finished and we are very happy about our results. We have met a lot of tourist from every part of the world…and we have sold a lot of new amazing villas and we are planning to build other incredible projects next year…so please continue to follow us to know all the coming news ….. we are already working on the drawing tables …..!!!!!
Our team works every day with passion and enthusiasm to make the dreams of our new clients come true….is not so difficult if you build a house in a paradise island! So…the autumn is coming and we like to share some postcards from Naxos…enjoy our photos also in our Facebook and Instagram page…we will continue to post incredible place also this winter…so you will feel better even when your thermometer will be less than 10 degree!

News August 2017

An article of  “Le grand bleu” a villa that Veronis-Jakobsen is going to construct is published on a Greek magazine. Hope you find it interesting…

«Le grand bleu». This name was chosen by the architects of a luxurious country house in Naxos to give the feeling that someone can admire from abroad. “Extreme Blue” is built on a hillside above Plaka beach with a “flight” to the Aegean Sea, the mountain and the Chora, to be delivered soon to its French owners. The “K” presents this unique work in the Cyclades, which designed by a team of three new graduates from the School of Architecture of NTUA.

“The residence is inspired by traditional Cycladic settlements and develops in close connection with the ground, following the natural topography, the water way and the paths. The composition does not follow a strict geometric pattern, but instead follows the natural relief and its peculiarities, “explains Aristides Messiaris, a member of the architectural team.

The entrance to the underground residence allows direct visual contact with the living room. In the background, the dining room is located at a higher level to ensure unobstructed view of the horizon. Next to it, built in a recess, is the fireplace. Moving to the right, the visitor perceives the geometry of the central stairway, the volume of which slowly fades upward, revealing the kitchen and the light-filled corridor leading to the private areas of the house. From the kitchen, there is direct communication with the front yard, so as to get out, the shaped semi-outdoor recess is offered for a breakfast meal overlooking the sea and Naxos Town.

The walkway, which runs through the entire length of the building, is illuminated by the stone atrium giving the feeling of a natural Mediterranean ravine. The view in front of the semi-open area of ​​the living room is complemented by the olive tree, a symbol of the Greek Mediterranean climate.

The layout of the bedrooms has been done in such a way as to “offer” a magnificent view of the horizon and the courtyard. “We considered it important that each room be spacious enough to have wardrobes and a personal hygienic space, which at the same time is adequately illuminated. This is accomplished through patio lights that bring the sun’s rays inside, “says Hera Desipri, a member of the architectural team, in” K “.

On the outside, the pool develops linearly, occupying a large part of the house’s face. Its elongated shape made it possible to create a smooth transition of its depth, as would be the case on a natural coast. Outside the pool you can enjoy the sun and the view in every part of the courtyard or sit in the specially planted space, ideal after sunset as it offers panoramic views.

“The home combines modern architectural manipulation with the hand-crafted sense and style of the traditional,” explains Philippos Tsoulouianis-Nicolaou, who is the third member of the architectural team. “Compatible building materials with reinforced concrete and brick, coated with white plaster as well as the stone structure, create a dynamic contrast between the building and the natural environment. Also, the choice of simple materials, compatible with the Cycladic architecture, helps to integrate this dynamic “line” into the landscape of Naxos “.

Bioclimatic residence

Most of the building has a planted roof and is lost to the natural ground (subsurface). An important advantage is its bioclimatic properties throughout the year. In the summer months the soil transports the soil temperature while keeping the building cool, while in winter, the soil acts as insulation protecting the interior from the low temperatures.

“The goal is to create a villa made for man and our vision is the realization of an architectural work that will not be a simple residence but a landmark of the area”, explains the architects.

Contest winners

The relationship between the young architects and the island had begun about a year ago when, as students of the NTUA, the winners of the “The House Project” competition, organized by the construction company of Naxos, Veronis – Jakobsen, in collaboration with The non-profit organization “Best Athens” of the School of Architecture of NTUA. The project concerned the study of the architectural composition of a modern underground housing complex.

The team of Aristides, Hera and Philippe stood out with her work and this distinction was appreciated. When the same company undertook this year to build this particular building in Plaka, it was addressed to the graduates of the School of Architecture of the NTUA. “The three students had won the best impression,” Giorgos Veronis, head of the Veronis-Jakobsen office, says in the “K”.

“So when the French buyers came in contact with me asking for something special, I was sure that this group could cope with their demands with innovative and pioneering ideas, creating a country house with respect to the island’s environment and Cycladic architecture” , He explains.

The talented architects have also undertaken other projects in Athens and state that they are available to new challenges and innovations. “Our primary objective is the integration of the work we have undertaken in Naxos,” says Hera Desipri and concludes: “We would like to chase the opportunities in Greece, as the Greek landscape with its particular beauty and history is a challenge for every new Architect »

News August 2017

Two villas in Orkos Project are sold!

We are very happy to announce that other two villas No5 and No6  of the NEW CONTEMPORARY DESIGN VILLAS has been sold!!!

We are so pleased that those people find their dream home in our project and our team will accomplished it …  Now only one villa left Number 2!

News August 2017

We are happy to announce that one of the NEW CONTEMPORARY DESIGN VILLAS has been sold!!! The happy client is from Germany, a “frequent Naxos guest”, who already has a property built by Veronis Jakobsen. They have decided to “upgrade” from a nice apartment to a NICE VILLA.

The villa is 115 m2, it has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a nice living room with super modern kitchen. The outdoor living area comprise private POOL, pergola area for shaded lunching and other areas covered with modern “sails” for light shade and refreshment.

The most IMPORTANT part of this project is not the houses, BUT the LOCATION, it is a so-called “never again” place, very close to the beach, quite area, …… really attractive!!!

Welcome onboard again to our “German family”!!! Better than a ….. second time client, …… doesn’t exist!!!

News July 2017

New office and our staff

We have just opened a new office on the harbor road of Naxos. A place where our customers easily can find us and a more spacious place for us for all our activities. You are very WELCOME to come visiting our new place! With a long standing history in the building construction and real estate fields, the pioneers George Veronis and Gitte Jakobsen have joined forces creating one great customer experience after another by designing beautifully functional homes. Our team is necessarily growing, with the objective of offering a more dedicated Customer Services: with Francesca, that will be involved in sales & marketing, Nashia, that is responsible for engineering and client construction management, Julie who manage all kind of After Sales activities for our clients and Elena who is our financial manager. In the field, means on the construction, we have a Team Manager for each project….who manage our own employees, as well as all the other players needed during construction.