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September 2018

During August and September we have been involved in different projects, but due to the summer season, we had to stop almost all the month of August. It means that in September we had to work with a biggest effort of all our workers to reach our deadlines of this month.

Please enjoy some new photos of these 2 months!

August 2018

“As you will see, we are working on many places at the same time. The big windows finally installed. Also the pool of house 3 is slowly slowly filling up.
In the house 3 the internal jobs continue: painting, placing the fireplace, finishing with the final electrical details. In the same time external the excavator is cleaning the place between house 3 and 2.
Also the crew for cimentogonia finished the kitchen and bathrooms in houses 1 and 2.”
“Another week passed and we are getting closer and closer to the delivery date.. In both guest houses the windows and doors were installed.. Also the excavator was there to prepare the drainage system. They dug a huge hole where they put the tank and then a long canal for the pipes that are connected with the new guest house. Today we start to paint the internal walls. Tomorrow the air-condition units will be installed.”

These are 2 examples of some activities we did on July…. A lot of progress was done!! And we are very proud of our AMAZING staff!!!!

July 2018

Another wonderful very busy month passed ………“Running, running and running!!! We are working on 3 new villas on Plaka Hill and even though delivery time is October, we are doing ALL the best we can to give our clients the possibility to make their first vacation in august. Our big challenge have been the “stone tower” from now on we will call it the “Tower of Princess Sofia”!!! The job has been very difficult and it has taken very long time.”
Another important project regards other villas under construction in Stelida …….“another busy week passed and finally the villa n. 1 is ready!! The pergola and the special lamps of dining table and kitchen island were placed, the gardener planted cactuses and placed decorative gravel in the garden and the Jacuzzi was filled up. Finishing detail was to put the gravel in the parking area! In villa n.3 we are almost finished with the leveling of the garden. The stonewalls are done and now we are working on the outdoor floors.”
Finally we are …..“RUNNING TO REACH TO OUR DEADLINES with the guest houses of yet another villa under construction! To speed up the work we have had to get a team of cimentogonia guys from Athens and this really makes the difference!!!”
These are 3 examples of the text with a series of photos that we create for the weekly newsletter x each project, so that our clients can follow the progress of the construction on a weekly basis.
Enjoy the photos!!!!! And the dream of your new house in Naxos, ….. continues !

June 2018

As you will see from this month photos, a lot of things are happening.
In Stelida, two projects with a total of 10 houses are in progress, one close be finalized and the other we finalized the bricks and are now working on plumbing and electricity!
In Orkos, very close to the beach, 8 amazing villas are “on their way” …. building the concrete structures ! On the hill of Plaka beach we are running to finalize and deliver 3 villas this summer.
And, at the same time, we are building various villas “on order” for clients that are in a incredible position with a perfect sea view!

May 2018

We are back!

In reality we have been here all the time and continued to work all the winter and now it’s time to share some nice photos of the work done in the last few months!
Please enjoy these photos!

October 2017

September has been a kind of a strange month for us, on one hand we are still in summer mode, so with clients that are looking at and in the process of buying a house and, on the other hand, it is the real STARTING of new projects.

This month we have been doing many type of works, starting beton scheletons, means the beginning of a new house and, at the same time, we have been renovating (face lifting) a very nice house in the Vigla area.

September 2017

Houses are built by PEOPLE and without all these guys that you see in THIS MONTHS PHOTO REPORTAGE, our clients wouldn’t get their “house on a Greek island DREAM” to come through.

We are every day thankful for their PROFESSIONALITY, HARD WORK AND SMILES!

July 2017

To build nice houses, it’s necessary to employ nice people. We are every month publishing a selection of NICE people building our houses, contributing with their skills, their hard work and their willingness to give THAT EXTRA part, which makes the whole difference.

Thanks to ALL our collaborators, we are able to deliver, ……. nice houses!

July a month of deliveries and beginning of our new project in Plaka Hills.